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Authorised Distributor Of PPO Elektroniikka, Finland for India

HonorAI Pvt Ltd. is a system integrator possessing all the skills to work alongside your team to bring your project to successful realization. We provide input throughout the entire project life cycle, including engineering expertise, design and integration skills. We provide the Insulation Monitoring System & its Sales along with bespoke software programming, commissioning, training, and servicing.

MEV® Insulation Monitoring System:

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in 2019:

“Manufacturers, doctors, and others potentially linked more than 1.7 million injuries and nearly 83,000 deaths to medical devices in reports to U.S. regulators over the last decade.” Insulation monitoring is one of the most efficient measures to prevent dangerous situations.

MEV-insulation monitoring system has saved lives and protected valuable equipment in worldwide hospitals since 1982.

The electrical current leakage is a real danger to the staff and patients; it can cause a fatal electric shock without any visible signs. Now a day the system is mandatory in all operating rooms in EU country & many other. No operation will be performed in operating rooms if insulation monitoring is not in use. All hospital districts in Finland use the MEV-8 insulation monitoring system or MEV-7 system or earlier generations.

Our fifth-generation MEV-8 has been in production since 2020. PPO has developed MEV-8 in cooperation with hospital engineers – the new-generation equipment meets all international regulatory acts and technical standards.

  • The early detection of potential electric faults prevents risky situations during critical functions; for example, during surgeries.
  • 24 x 7 monitoring of electrical equipment in OT, ICU & Emergency ward which could endanger patients.
  • Predictable and timely maintenance which results in substantially smaller operating costs.
  • Significantly increased the lifetime of expensive surgical and/or production equipment.
  • Improved operations planning as well as better organization of work-shifts which results in increased productivity of hospital staff.
  • More efficient & effective usage of valuable surgical and/or other production equipment due to.
  • Protect from unexpected electrical Short Circuit and resulted in fire in hospitals.
  • Generate & display the alarm to authorized person in emergency situation.
  • No entire circuit interruption due to failure an individual equipment.
  • Centralize supervision of electrical equipment in ICU/Emergency ward OT.
  • Permanent protection provided to the staff & patient.
  • Empower staff to easily diagnose issues.
Demonstration of MEV-8 System

The Medical Isolation Power System Which Transfers the Grounded System (TN-S System) To the Ungrounded System (IT System) By Using “Isolation Transformer” Which Power-Up Important Medical Equipment.

The insulation monitoring device is designed to monitor the insulation resistance of single-phase ungrounded systems in healthcare. The insulation monitoring device enables monitoring of ungrounded IT power supply system’s up to a maximum operating voltage of 264 V AC. It can also evaluate thermal and current overloading of the isolation transformer.

IMD system mainly consist of the Isolation Transformer, Insulation Monitoring Device, Fault Locator, Signal Test & Alarm & Display Device.